Twas the Day After Christmas…

Would you believe i have the day off of work? I do. The week in fact. It’s the first time that’s ever happened that i can remember and i am using it to do what? Oh… that’s right. Work. Such is the life of a writer. You really aren’t ever NOT at work. But that’s the life i’ve chose and i would rather be getting paid to do that than anything. Really…

Anyway. Today, after i manage to finish off the edits on the website (which is still VERY MUCH under construction) i may need a little nap. But after that i am going to be working on the Amrigar novel. Yes. It is almost done. Really. But, here’s the thing about writing a big novel: it can get to be a slog. So how do you address the slog? Well… you pull up your britches and keep working, that’s how.

First drafts, with me, are horrendously problematic. It seems i ALWAYS get to this point somewhere along the line. It gets to feel like a job and you become more and more conscious of the fact that it IS a draft and just how much work still needs to be done, and how much will be rewritten entirely. That can seriously weigh on you. Which might be why my fans (few though there are) scream at me constantly to get things finished. It’s work. Good work, but still very much work.

My new technique to deal with this is to have about a dozen projects all open at once. But this pretty much guarantees that you never finish anything. So… the NEW new plan is to finish. Just finish. Kill off what’s in front of you. Get it done. If you’re in the middle of an edit. Finish the edit. If you’re in the middle of a draft, finish that.

Here’s hoping it works. I’m really excited about Amrigar and hope you all love it too. Just be patient. I will finish them faster than Martin, i promise, but that means they have to be in more or less a state of completion BEFORE i get them out there. All of them. Which means i’m not writing one book. I’m writing all three. That way they’re ready faster.

I’m hoping to have the first of the Amrigar novels, The Last Maguffin, available this year. The next will be The Great Red Herring… maybe… tentative title.

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