Another Damned Post on Education.

So let’s get to the basics. Education is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN WORK TOWARDS. I know. That sounds pretty dumb. And this is supposed to be my writing site but i feel like i had to say it. Loudly. In all caps. And if you don’t feel like reading the rest of this rant… then… don’t. That’s kind of how these things work. Because i’m just going to say it again. Over and over and over again.


Yes. More important than national security. More important than civil rights. More important than… well… anything really. Cuz… see? It’s the lynchpin of everything. All of those things. And you wonder if there’s a reason governments routinely control and put the brakes on it. Of course they do. Duh.

Listen up. With education – continuing and open and free education EVERYTHING COMES. All of it. With equal and free access to education you get… well… everything. You get a mobile work force that isn’t locked in to free slavery. You get people who can become whatever they NEED to in a work force. You get knowledge of racial inequality. You get critical thinking. You get an engaged public instead of an army of zombies looking for brains (i mean this in a metaphoric sense but think about it. The whole mind numbing world is crammed to the gills with shambling idiots who moan ‘mine’ like zombies on the prowl for brains in an old 60s movie.)

I’m not one to generally mate conspiracy theories. I have trouble assigning intentionality to systems. But… let’s just be honest here. Even if it’s unintentional – the lack of adequate, open and free and voluntary education is part and parcel of everything that is wrong in the world. And the goal of limiting YOUR education through economic starvation is very much deliberate. Intentional or not. I mean… you can’t be controlled if you are free, right? One of the philosophical underpinnings of our society. Freedom means choice and opportunity.

But a government, whether it has grand intentions or not, requires control to be able to jilt the system where it collectively THINKS it needs to go (here’s a hint… it’s doing a terrifically BAD job of this right now if you happen to be a US Citizen) Case in point – manufacturing is in the shitter right now. It’s not because we lack in manufacturing jobs, though. That is a myth. There are PLENTY of manufacturing jobs in this country. Tons of them. Oodles. But you can’t have them. Why? Because almost all of the manufacturing jobs in this country require education beyond high school. They are tech heavy jobs. And we limit access to that education. Financially. Who, in this day and age, can afford to take time from WORK to go to SCHOOL which they will have to pay for with wages they aren’t earning because they need to work.

This is simple shit, folks. 1 + 1 = 2 type stuff.

Ideally, a government would jilt the system in these circumstances and start throwing grants to anyone in the world to get the education necessary to fill the jobs that it DOES have. But they aren’t doing that, are they? Instead, those companies are leaving the states… and it isn’t JUST because they can move elsewhere and pay people less, it’s because those other countries frequently have an easier time of creating the sort of educational opportunities that we… well… aren’t. Yes they will ALSO work for less. In many circumstances. But it’s also about that education. Access to it.

But it’s the other stuff too. I mean… education is the key. The whole kit and kaboodle. And all this garbage about metrics and testing… total horseshit. That’s not about education. It’s about spending money. Your government is far more concerned about money being spent appropriately and not wasted on the ‘undeserveds’ which it continually redefines in terms of politics. It wants, very much, to make sure money isn’t being wasted on them. And by them it generally means ‘the poor, the minority, the *insert unfavored sociological construct here*.

Not wasting money makes for good headlines. It’s what gets morons in suits elected. (who are generally unqualified to do much else fuck all with the exception of smiling for camera’s and holding up a suit)

The thing is… not one single dollar spent on education is EVER FUCKING WASTED. Not one. Ever. Yes that includes classes on Indonesian basket weaving. Cuz you know what? PEOPLE BUY INDONESIAN BASKETS. People buy music. Art. They go to concerts. You could dump a billion dollars into nothing but art and philosophy classes and do more good than spending the same billion on national defense or spycraft.

(caveat: you want to actually WASTE a shit load of money on education? the easiest way to do it is create a system of scapegoats and study an abundance of metrics to try and figure out if you’re wasting money or not.)

You want to drop unemployment in this country: (the US) education. You want to create social equality in this country: education. You want to create a fair and law abiding society: education. You want to create a sense of freedom in this country: education.

All of it is about education. Every last little bit. A lack of it is why we have a cheetoh for president. And i’m not blaming people nor am i saying that the people who voted for him are bad. They’ve been made that way. Deliberately. By the same people they elect. Because rather than providing access to free education, they promise recreating dead economies. They are frustrated. I get it. Shit’s gone south all over the place and the sense of freedom they once had is missing. But why is that? (and no… it is not because of Obummer or any bullshit, straw man, blame game worthy, scapegoat)

Yeah. Duh. Education.

It ain’t easy to get one. No wonder coal miners want their coal mining jobs back. Because it’s NOT EASY TO STOP MINING WHEN IT’S ALL YOU’VE GOT AND ALL YOU KNOW HOW TO DO AND YOU DON’T HAVE THE 50,000 NEEDED TO REEDUCATE YOURSELF.

Just remember kids, not one single dime spent on education is a dime wasted. Not a single one. Education… whether you like it or not… IS freedom. End of story. If you want to be free… like EVER again… demand one. Or several. As much as you can handle. For the rest of your days. What we need is a conceptual shift on education. It should NEVER be something you do when you’re young because you have to. It should be something you do instead of watching The Apprentice. It should be something you get because you want to be free. You want to be employable. You want to be a better person.

Cuz that’s what education is. It’s fucking everything.