The Brand New Project. Aren’t you horrendously excited? Well… you should be. Amrigar is a world you might recognize. If you squint really hard. It’s full of places you might recognize… if you’ve had too much to drink and have hit your head on something.

Amrigar is full of magic and mystery and idiots. Gods walk the earth. Elves surf – either waves or snow. Heroes are contracted on a job by job basis – sometimes hired to be hairdressers. Bandits compete for banditry contracts. And idiots run the country.

I’m currently hard at work working on the first of the Amrigar novels: The Last MaGuffin which begins the Prophet Quest Trilogy which shall be full of fun and intrigue and wizards and thieves and intrigue and all things that make a great fantasy novel. And probably a few things that don’t.

Come with Harry and her band of Heroes out of Hartsfield – the town of heroes as they attempt to track down the elusive Maguffin: an item of such incredible power that no one knows what it does. Stick around for the cast of hundreds and more plot twists and turns than you can shake a stick at.

I’m already hard at work on these… The Last Maguffin is just about finished. Well… the draft is anyway. But if you just can’t wait to get started there are a few places you can jump into it, and better still – all proceeds go to charity!

The Longest Night Watch Volume 1*: Out of Time – An Amrigar Story: The 82nd Earl of Breadtown, 8th Duke of Duxburg, Lord Marty is in a real hurry. But then again, he’s always in a hurry. Hurrying is one of those things the rich do either very well or not at all. But a certain displaced accountant might have a thing to say about it.

The Longest Night Watch Volume 2*: Stars in their Houses – an Amrigar Story: The Dwarven Goddess of Hot Steamy Fun Time and the Human Goddess of War have a fishing date, but as it always goes with the Gods and their fishing – something more is afoot.

Stardust, Always**: Always Stardust – An Amrigar Story: The Prince of Malkwonis receives an old friend and brews up a whole host of troubling memories.

* – Courtesy of Writer’s Colony Press. All proceeds go to help fund a cure for Alzheimers.

** – Courtesy of Writer’s Colony Press. All proceeds support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


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