The Meg Brown Mysteries

This is the internet home of your favorite wise cracking homicide detective. Okay… Maybe not your FAVORITE but I sure hope she’s up there on your list…

What? You know NOTHING of Meg Brown?

Megan “Meg” Brown is a Minneapolis Homicide Detective. She comes in when someone has croaked in a rather unfortunate way. In the course of her investigations, she and her partner Albert Riggins have come across a guy bludgeoned by a frozen cucumber, stabbed with an icicle, poisoned, and all matter of nastiness.

Meg’s team has changed over the years and now features Sahra Ibrahim, a Somali Muslim Immigrant, Julia Ramirez – a former disgruntled narcotics officer, Spike – Meg’s former Marine Sergeant turned florist and bartender, Emily the Dangermouse – a bizarre half-pint serious bad ass with a mysterious past, among many others.

Catch up on all the Meg Brown Stories immediately so that you know what’s happening in the Meg’s World.

The Meg Brown Series, in order, are:

The Short Man – The first of the Meg Brown Mysteries. Follow Meg as she desperately tries to track down a bloody pawed squirrel… wait. No. As she tries to stop a spree killer.

Too Much Peace of Mind – On a plane bound for nowhere, Meg and Riggins encounter a suspicious death and realize they may be trapped at 30,000 feet with the killer.

And Worms Have Eaten Them – One killer goes free, but Meg has another in the box. Mad Margie is… well… mad. But maybe her motives aren’t so mad after all.

The Angry Birds – There’s nothing more horrifying than being stuck at your 20th high school reunion, except perhaps getting stuck with the results of a 20 year old crime and the unrepentant scumbag who committed it. Meg won’t spend another day with justice going unserved.

The Ice Cage – The holidays are a joyous time, except for Homicide Detectives on the case of a man found brutally murdered inside a giant ice cube/out door art gallery.

Meg Beats Cancer – After some seriously bad news, Meg stalks down a brutal killer through the streets of Minneapolis before a heart-stopping confrontation with the living embodiment of America’s most reviled murderer.


Unfinished Business – Still reeling from the aftermath of her most recent arrest, Meg and Riggins are off to sunny southern California. Land of movie stars, long beaches, and one cranky old lady with a long and storied past.

Bleeding Rainbows – It’s a time for celebration and wonderment. Wedding bells for Meg’s best friend are in the air. And some poor out of town preacher with a grudge against the celebrants turns up dead at the party. Way to break the mood.

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